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LTAR & station nicknames

On yesterday's edition of "Let's Talk About Radio",
Bob talked about a station briefly calling itself "the
Beaver" and then changing its nickname to "the
Rooster". Is it possible that some people were
offended, since "beaver" has a slang meaning as well?
(Sort of like how Beaver College in Pennsylvania is
also changing its name...)

By the way, the past few weeks "LTAR" has been
followed by a show called "Artist Spotlight". Was
hoping to tape that as well for a friend in California
but it was replaced by "Soul of Greece" yesterday.

Also, Bob mentioned a station taking on a Mexican
format, which made me remember an alternative-rock
hit by Wall of Voodoo:

"I tune it in and check the station
They talk about the US inflation
I understand just a little
No comprende, it's a riddle
I'm on a Mexican radio
I'm on a Mexican wo-oh, radio..." :)

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