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Re: WBZ Radio?

You'll find photos, I'm sure, at the Boston Radio Archives Web site. I'm not
sure whether there's a www in the URL, but the rest of it is

WBZ's towers are, I believe, exactly 180 degrees high at 990, which was
WBZ's frequency prior to 3/31/1941, the date of the great NARBA AM frequency
shift. The towers are precisely 90 degrees apart at 990 and are on a
90-degree (east-west) line. The pattern is a cardioid aimed due west. No
other Boston AM station has a salt-water path to so much of the market or
such a favorable directional pattern, which accounts for WBZ's having such a
good signal thoughout the market (except for parts of Cape Cod).

WEEI's antenna system should be slightly more efficient than WBZ's (WEEI's
towers are 207 degrees high vs 187 for WBZ), but, for whatever reason, the
FCC's AM database before it became all garbled, gave what appears to be a
pro-forma efficiency for WEEI of 362 mV/m/kW @ 1 km, whereas WBZ's antenna
efficiency is probably given correctly as around 400 mV/m/kW @ 1 km. Also,
of course, WEEI, like most Boston AMs is directionalized to the east--over
the city first, and then over the ocean. This protects stations located to
the west (in WEEI's case, the main one is KOA in Denver), but it doesn't do
good things for the coverage of the western parts of the market, especially
at night.


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>Does anyone have any photos or other information about the site or a
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