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Congrats to Citizen Hutch

Afternoon drive (3PM-7PM) Deejay "Hutch", full-time of WPLM-FM EASY99.1 and 
(I think) part-time of WBOS, received his U.S. Citizenship today, according 
to Morning Drive (6AM-10PM) Deejay Shaun Casey. Hutch lurks on this list 
from time to time, so a big congratulations to the "Ham" of Birmingham, 
England. Does this mean you renounce allegiance to the Queen? Well, I guess 
two passports are better than none.
Takin' it Easy99.1,
Bill Piacentini
As we close the 20th Century A.D. with one last year (2000) let me join 
with my favorite radio station locally-owned WPLM-FM 99.1 with perhaps the 
largest playlist in the free world playing a unique blend of great music by 
great artists in wishing everyone success in this its second year of its 
unique format!