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Re: Cumulus

According to my calculations, Cumulus still owns WDEA-1370, WWMJ-95.7
WEZQ  92.9 and also WQCB-106.5 and WBZN-107.3 in the Bangor Ellsworth

Clear Channel is in process of taking over  WLKE 99.1 (Bar Harbor)
WBFB-104.7 Belfast
WBYA-101.7 Searsport WVOM 103.9 Howland
and WGUY-102.1 Dexter. Their "Public Notice"
was published several times in the legal classifieds in the Bangor Daily
News a couple of weeks back.
So far no noticeable format changes heard on any of the stations. But I
have an overnight shift tonight and should have a chance to scope the

And one added note: Local Religious Satellator (Satellite-fed
translator) W218BD 91.5 took to the air last week here in SW Harbor,
transmitting from Adelphia Cablevision's Microwave tower on Freeman
Ridge above town. They re-broadcast Calvary Temple  Radio out of Twin
Falls, Idaho. They even have a new "Calvary Salvation Network" sticker
on the Adelphia equipment and head-end shed. Fairly good 30-watt signal
from a circular-polarized single bay Jampro antenna 50 feet above
ground, and about 250 feet above sea-level; Thankfully they're not
strong enough 2 miles out of-town to interfere with my CBC-1 reception
on adjacent-channel CBD FM 91.3 from Mount Champlain NB.

Rod O'Connor
Southwest Harbor, Maine