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Re: Radio and lousy pay

In a message dated 10/2/2000 9:53:22 PM Eastern Daylight Time, billo@mail.com 

<< Interesting comments about how radio gigs can pay less than the Olive
 Garden.  That's amore >>

I made some comments, and I just want to let it be known that in no way did I 
mean to disparage any particular station owner, group, etc. I just wanted to 
let the point be known that pushing a few buttons an hour during satellite 
programming at WCAP isn't as, how shall we say this, career-enhancing as 
working at your local fast-food joint or discount department store, where 
you'll be making a lot more money anyway. 

While Dave Faneuf made a good point about stations that pay their board-ops, 
etc., pretty well not being able to retain help, I offer this comment: People 
aren't getting in the bottom rung (i.e. WCAP, WCCM) anymore since they can't 
afford to. We're already starting to see it now in Boston and Detroit and 
other major markets, but soon the big players won't be able to call up the 
kids from AAA since there'll be few in AAA. After all, no one's starting out 
in rookie ball. Not that this hasn't been discussed ad infinitum here