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RE: Vestige of Classical on WBOQ

Whatever happened to the WBOQ morning personality who almost never said his
name (Mike- something)?  He was pretty funny during his airchecks reading
news and "sborts."  Is he still there?  He seemed to disappear when Dana
Hersey & Co. took over mornings.  I didn't listen to the music, but I was
sure to tune in to the 8:00 am news for a laugh.


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It appears that WBOQ-FM 104.9 in Beverly/Gloucester
is cutting back more and more on its "flagship"
classical programming as has been observed  on the
BRIG.  However, it's still listed on the Metropolitan
Opera's website (www.metopera.org) as the North
Shore outlet for their broadcasts.  If that's not in
error, then it's my source for that programming
unless a stronger and/or closer outlet comes on-line.
Also on Saturday nights/Sunday mornings after midnite
until recently, they broadcast some adventurous fare that
I picked up if I was still out on the highway during
those hours. (Lately however, I've been listening
to David Lawrence's "On-line Tonight" which can be
picked up on WBNW-AM 1120 west of Boston until it
fades out then comes in on Charlotte's WBT 1110.
I understand D.L. has a New England history and his
show is in some ways more interesting and humorous
than the Kimster.) A smattering of classical "hits"
can be heard after dark and they even maintain a
"Choral Music" hour on Monday nights at 10:00.
WBOQ is indeed one of the more schizoid stations

Laurence from Methuen

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