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RE: when news breaks, we ignore it?

The issue is far beyond just getting in a debate.

At a bare minimum, ALL candidates on the ballot in 50 states should be on
the ballot (I believe that Nader and Harry Browne, the Libertarian candidate
would meet this test....I'm not sure if Pat Buchanan is on in all 50 states)

The long-term answer is a "national non-partisan primary" in September of
the election year. Then the top 2, and only the top 2 would run off to
November. This would (almost, electoral votes could still screw things up)
gaurentee a 50% president, of which Bill Clinton was never (43% in 1992, 49%
in 1996)! If the parties still want their early primaries (or what would
become sub-primaries).

And maybe the debates could be rotated like the Super Bowl (ABC one
election, then CBS, NBC & FOX....I do think they should stay on
'over-the-air' networks)

-Paul Hopfgarten
-Derry NH

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> > I did see coverage of the rally on at least one of the late
> > newscasts.  It got maybe 15 seconds (which seems about right in view
> > of the polling results).
> > -GAWollman
> Of course, the poll numbers will remain low, (well below the 15 percent
> necessary to be involved in the debate per Dem & Rep rules) as long as
> they receive no coverage because the polls are low.....can you say catch
> 22?
> df
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