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when news breaks, we ignore it?

Okay, first a disclaimer-- this is not about politics.  I don't care who 
the list-members are voting for, and I hope the thread will not end up a 
polemic about the candidates.  That having been said, your opinion 
please.  I listened off and on to WBZ radio all day today, and except for 
one brief mention (there may have been two, but not in any great detail), 
one would never have known that Ralph Nader and various celebrities were in 
town for a rally at the Fleet Center.  Whether or not you feel Nader has a 
chance (or deserves a chance), would you not say that an event that draws 
10,000 people deserves some coverage?  Has Sunday news been cut back to 
such a degree that WBZ doesn't send out reporters to do politics unless 
they are channel 4 reporters?  Or was it determined that Nader's campaign 
is not news?   In any event, given that WBZ  Radio is our news station and 
usually does a fine job on such things, I was surprised at the virtual 
blackout on what Nader was up to in Boston.