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New antenna on WBZ-TV Tower

Finally some new construction on the recently 
added support structure of the WBZ-TV tower in
Needham. When they completed the work in early summer,
a new top-mounted antenna was installed...it looked
like either a UHF emitter or a high-numbered-channel
VHF jobbie, but a poster at another website 
(www.radio-info.com...Coast-to-Coast) says:
No...it's a shielded antenna for channels 4 and 5.
Hmmm...I've seen a shielded antenna for channel 8
atop Mt. Washington (and YES I hiked up; didn't
take the Cogger) but I got the impression that the
low-numbered zig-zags and batwings were too big for
coverings.  Anyway, since the last time I drove past 
350 Cedar St, a new, exposed low-number-VHF 
antenna has been installed around the tower; could
it be for channel 2?  I received the latest 'GBH
Members' guide and they're still apologizing for 
the poor technical quality of the signals from
channels 2 and 44...claiming it's due to poor
weather.  Duh...even BAD summer weather is better
than late fall of winter weather around here.
I know there are visitors to the BRIG from Greater 
Media, WBUR, Extremely dumbed-down pseudo-classical
WCRB and Channel 7;   is there anyone out there from
1170 Soldiers Field Rd who's in the know about the
Viacom nee Westinghouse tower?  As reported on NERW
months ago, WGBH-FM plans to move there after its
PBS brethren (sistern?) are fixed, thus making the
NPR powerhouse easier to receive Downtown and in 
the Back Bay.
NOTE: some WRBB-WBOQ talk popped up on today's LTAR;
if WGBH-FM no longer needs a rebroadcaster on 96.3
perhaps this frequency could be used for WRBB, and WBOQ
could employ an omnidirectional antenna perhaps?

Laurence from Methuen

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