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Re: I'm back......

a jetlagged Kevin wrote:
>>...I saw someone in Kings Crossing wearing a OLDIES 103 shirt..... <<

Well, the country was originally settled by those deemed undesirable by The 
Crown, eh?  (i'm kidding... just taking a cheap shot at the professional 
   btw:  not sure which specific CBC productions Kevin was working, but we 
did get to enjoy (probably) some of his work during the overnight "live 
coverage" hours.  it's a shame America can't have an Olympic network with the 
foresight to carry live events, even if they are on the opposite side of the 
date line.  (the way i figured it, even 11pm edt, which is 2pm Sydney, was 
still only 8pm on the west coast.  last i checked, 8pm was still considered 
"prime time", right?)

- -Chuck Igo