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Re: WHDH drops playoffs

On 26 Sep 2000,  Mark Shneyder wrote:

> CH.7 is in a win-win situation here. I am just somewhat surprised
> that NBC would allow them to pre-empt baseball since debates are
> made-for-TV productions/commercials anyway and not really a news story.
> Ch.68 will now surely pick up the game. Without a Pax station (Ch.68)
> or another outlet willing to pick up the AL divisional game on the 3rd,
> I honestly doubt very much NBC/GE and MLB would let them get away
> with pre-empting baseball without clearing the game in the #6 market, first.
This, of course, begs the question that I was asking a few days ago, 
namely, just how much freedom to pre-empt network programming do local 
stations have these days?

Incidentally, I heard this morning on CNN that today was the 40th 
anniversary of the first Kennedy-Nixon debate.  I sat in my room doing 
homework and listening on radio.  I was one of those ones who heard it on 
radio and thought Nixon had the better of it.  I didn't see any of that 
debate until 1976, when PBS ran part of it.

That means, BTW, that Sunday was the 40th anniversary of the last Howdy 
Doody show, which was on the Saturday before the first debate.

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