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Re: WHDH drops playoffs

As an interesting side note, WCVB is running ads for their 11 PM newscast
- the message of which is "We'll bring you the news at 11, even during the
Olympics" (I believe they say something resembling that in the actual ad).

Little jab at "the news station" ?


On Tue, 26 Sep 2000, Mark Shneyder wrote:

> Historically, politics always beats out sports on TV.
> Back in Oct. '91, the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings on ABC, PBS
> NBC absolutely clobbered NLCS and ALCS on CBS. ABC dwarfed NFL on NBC
> and on CBS on Sunday afternoons. When the big 3 went with the usual
> Sunday fare, PBS almost quadrupled its ratings as it was the only
> non-cable broadcast outlet carrying the hearing live in prime time. 
> CH.7 is in a win-win situation here. I am just somewhat surprised
> that NBC would allow them to pre-empt baseball since debates are
> made-for-TV productions/commercials anyway and not really a news story.
> Ch.68 will now surely pick up the game. Without a Pax station (Ch.68)
> or another outlet willing to pick up the AL divisional game on the 3rd,
> I honestly doubt very much NBC/GE and MLB would let them get away
> with pre-empting baseball without clearing the game in the #6 market, first.
> -Mark
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