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Re: WHDH faces big debate: Bush-Gore or baseball?

Well, obviously in the grand scheme of things,
the debate and election does matter more. But I'd
NBC & Ch. 7 would certainly have a decision to make.
Picture this: "Stay tuned for the baseball playoffs.
We'd love to show the debate to you but other channels
are doing that. Besides, we can make money by showing
ads during the seventh inning stretch."

Hmm, a discussion of foreign policy vs. a ninth
inning comeback? Decisions, decisions.

"Young man, this radio station is a business. It is
not here for your personal listening pleasure."
---WKRP Owner Mrs. Carlson 

"What? Are you crying? There's no crying in 
--Tom Hanks in "A League of Their Own"

Reporter: "What do you have to say about your
making more money than the President of the US?"
Babe Ruth: "Hey, I had a better year than he did."

--- Dib9@aol.com wrote:
> I think this one's a no-brainer.  The debates will
> be on ABC and CBS, plus 
> CNN, CSPAN, FOX News, and MSNBC on cable.  

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