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Montreal radio

I was just up to Burlington, Vermont and figured since
I was close to Montreal, I'd drive up there (100 miles
away) as a daytrip diversion (drove back to the US
after dinner since my motel was in Burlington). Did
some radio listening and taping while up there (as I
walked around the city). 

I think 600, 730, and 850 were all off the air; I did
check out CINW, "940 News". They did give their call
letters, once per half hour (I think requirements for
"legal IDs" or IDs, period, are more relaxed in
Canada); was surprised the gave their call letters
at all! Their midday news anchor sounds like a cross
between Jack Williams and adman Dick Orkin!

Checked out CBC Radio One (88.5) as well--nice
afternoon show saluting Leonard Cohen. Now they have a
nice stereo signal, but when you're in downtown
Montreal, you get other stations cutting in (at least
that's what happened on my recordable Panasonic)--
but that's understandable given the various radio
towers around town. (Also checked out CKMF 94.3,
CHOM 97.7, and CKOI 96.9).

Those who listen to Howie Carr's syndicated show have
occasionally heard callers from Montreal; this is due
to the show's airing on WVMT (620) from Burlington,
VT. Was amazed how well that signal came in! As I
walked around Vieux Montreal, the 'VMT signal came
in a lot better than one would think.

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