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Re: Journalism Ethics

In a message dated 08/08/2000 9:23:32 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
tklaundry@juno.com writes:

<< Having been a member of AFTRA for 13 years and having read my share of
 billboards for sponsored newscasts I can tell you I never saw an extra
 dime for that. >>


   at WHDH, 1983 through 1988, to be very specific, each staff announcer AND 
news anchor submitted "talent sheets" that reflected "fees".  announcers 
received fees for "adlib" spots, while the anchors were paid a whole lot more 
than a "dollar a hollar" for sponsorship billboards. 
  i will respond to dave directly with a particular and a confirmation name 
or two if he cares to follow-up.  i know that there are former WHDH newsies 
who "lurk" here and i would prefer not to "out" anyone publicly out of 
deference to them and their privacy regarding matters financial.
- -Chuck Igo