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Re: Journalism Ethics

Dan wrote:
<<I'm back doing some fill-in work at WMGX and I'd even
endorse Al Gore if someone wanted to throw millions at me.  ;-)  >>


   as the great film actor, Joe Pesci once said...
"...you try to get out then THEY PULL YOU RIGHT BACK!" (expletives deleted)
   wow.  not only did WE pull you back in, you've ventured once again into the belly of the beast.  
   btw:  i don't think the Gore campaign is needing my or your endorsement, but i'm sure they'd find someone in less need of the 7 figures to do their bidding.  (insert sigh here if you've ever wanted a slice of THAT waste of money...)
   brian... for the record... i concur.  (hold on, here comes that Armageddon flash... first Dan actually says he'd endorse Al Gore, and now Chuck & Brian agree on something other than "to disagree". that's two of the four horsemen...<g>)

- -Chuck Igo (sadly stating that the "home pd" is working Saturday and that i'll have to forego my pound of potato salad... Gary, thanks for the invite and the generous offer your locale for a gathering.  radio and free ice cream:  a match made in heaven.)