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WTKK Censorship

On WSMN 1590 AM in Nashua NH there appears to be no
censorship when it comes to calls signs or
personalities on other/competing radio stations.
The cross town WMVU 900 AM and a couple of WMVU names
have been mentioned on air a few times this summer.
Not just be callers, but by WSMN hosts, including the
General Manager. 

WGIR 610 AM in Manchester is often mentioned, as Woody
Woodland, a recently departed WSMN talk show
host,isoften reminisced about.

A few weeks ago, one of the host of Funny Business on
WRKO 680 AM Boston was an in studio guests. The call
sign, show time etc were repeatedly plugged.

WTKK has also been mentioned by hosts.

It's seems that WSMN takes the approached of promoting
the genre, that is talk radio, even if it means
mentioning other stations, personalities, and shows.


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