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Re: Journalism Ethics

Chuck, we've been agreeing too much lately.  You're just wrong on this one.  

1.  A crash would certainly be on the tape.  It would increase sales.
2.  Actually asking viewers to buy something is much different from "selling 
your talents."
3.  Doug and Kim make a lot more than the jock picking up a $75 talent fee.  
In fact, I bet they make more money than any on-air radio talent in Maine.
4.  I also disagree with journalists getting tied in with local charities.  
How can a journalist objectively cover that organization if it ends up in the 
news?  Institutionalized charities are big business and often end up in 
controversy.  TV and radio station should promote local charities but keep 
the news talent out of the mix.
5.  Op Sail was a news event but since when do you journalists sell special 
coverage of news events?  Isn't covering news events their job?
6.  Journalists should be treated differently than other on air talent.  
Objectivity and at least some appearance of separation from the business side 
of the operation is important.

-- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine