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Hey Nik Carter .... Nice send off to Charles Laquidara and D.I.G.

Hey Nik Carter,
I was headed home from the Grill and Groove tonight and heard your send
off to Charles Laquidara and D.I.G. I thought it was very well done.
I'm really glad you put in a word as well for all the people at BCN and
in radio who Charles has helped get into the business. I think there are
many many people in the business who don't have access to a microphone
who which they had a way to say thanks to Charles as you did and are
glad you included them in your statements the way you did. I understand
Charles wishes that he doesn't want any sort of large party thrown for
him but I think a lot of people have felt that more needs to be said.
You did an excellent job of summing up what he meant to you, what he
meant to the station and the so many he got into or inspired to get into
this strange business. I know me and Melissa where talking the other day
at the Blood Drive recently how you could probably fill a one page add
in the globe of names of all the people. However by the end of the day
we both realized that we'd never be able to organize the effort in
time.  Great Job Nik and Thanks!

John Mullaney          http://www.minutemancomm.com