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Re: list Get-Together

In a message dated 07/25/2000 7:15:46 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
Dan.Strassberg@worldnet.att.net writes:

<< Chuck: What are the chances that you could get your family to make the trek
 down from Maine for this event? If you have to work in Boston afterward and
 you have two cars in the family... >>


    my "life" is made possible by "avails"... picture, if you will, the top 
billing sales staff at a radio station.  there are 18 minutes available per 
hour, and 24 hours to a day.  yet the sales manager, let's call her "Debbie", 
insists that there is no such thing as "sold out"...  that is my life.  
sponsored time checks...  ;-)   actually, both of our families are from the 
Boston area (she's from Woburn, and I'm a Burlington HS grad.  we met at 
Sears at the Mall...)  we do spend weekends down, but now with our oldest 
working and my wife's job thrown in (she's at a hospital, also, like radio, 
open 24/7) our weekends are pretty much catch as catch can.  i personally 
would love to be able to come.  but, my duties are to stand where SHE tells 
me to and when.  (that's what the manual says for 18 years together in 
bliss... she's right, and then you can watch the ballgame)  seriously, i 
honestly won't know until a couple of days before what lies in store for the 
family Igo.

    oh, and if i may, since WBZ's ever-so-smooth (and nice guy) Anthony Silva 
couldn't be here this morning...  Off the fog-shrouded coast of Cape 
Elizabeth, Maine this morning, the majestic ship Libertad of the Argentinian 
Navy emerged from a rolling fog bank onto an eerily calm surface, barely 
breaking a wake as she entered the headwaters of Portland Harbor.  One 
by-stander was heard to quip:  "Oh, look!  They have stealth technology!" as 
the tall ship vanished and reappeared with each puff of breeze off the 
harbor's northern edge.  
   For those who may be interested in a slightly more "sane", albeit 
scaled-down version of the tall ships stuff, OpSail 2000 moves into Portland 
Harbor for the next six days, as evidenced by the Libertad's arrival at 0816 
this morning.  the "parade of sail", Maine-style, is this Friday from 1200 to 
1600.  let's hope the fog gets out before then.  otherwise, they'll be doin' 
Potato Navigation:  drop a spud off the ship's prow... when you don't hear a 
splash, turn. (thanks to the tellers of Maine tales, among them the late 
Marshall Dodge and the talented Tim Sample, for that one... first heard by me 
on an Oakhurst Dairy Commercial a long time ago)

- -Chuck Igo