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Re: Pet peeve about WBUR

On 7/20/00 3:43 PM, dan.strassberg@att.net wrote:

> During the days of widespread AM/FM simulcasts, that 
> practice was _very_ widespread, although, from what I've 
> read, it was also illegal.

Gosh, when I worked at WCCC Hartford, we *always* ID'd when simulcasting 
as "WCCC and WCCC-FM Hartford".  Of course, now they have to ID as "WCCC 
West Hartford, WCCC-FM Hartford" because the COL of the AM has changed.

I've never once never heard a station ID as "WXXX City, WXXX-FM City".  
Of course, now the ID would be spoken at ten times normal speed on the 
left channel at :53 so who could tell?