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Re: Pet peeve about WBUR

They could say, "you're listening to 90.9, WBUR-FM
Boston, also at 1240 AM, WBUR W. Yarmouth (etc.)" I
know that there's no such thing as "AM" in station
IDs. For example, there's "WCBS New York" and "WCBS-FM
New York", but the former station couldn't say

Newspaper articles tend to make this mistake. You'll
read, "the Red Sox flagship station is WEEI-AM (850)".
(That SHOULD read "WEEI (AM 850)"...) Then again,
I've seen newspapers print that the Red Sox game is
on "WEEI-FM (850)" (sic) :) If they mix up AM and FM
like that, I guess it's to be expected.

--- Gary <gff@mediaone.net> wrote:
> I have long been annoyed about the way (technically
> illegal, I think) that
> WBUR ID's themselves.  "WBUR-FM, Boston" is fine,
> BUT, there is no
> "WBUR-AM"  - it is simply "WBUR".  Call me a
> nitpicker, but.......
> -gary francis
> The Saturday Night Sockhop, WCAP, Lowell
> www.sockhop.net

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