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Re: change in WKXL newsroom

<<On Sat, 15 Jul 2000 08:15:16 -0400, "David W. Harris" <dwh@totalnetnh.net> said:

> Well, that's what I was told.  It turns out she's now an anchor at your
> hometown station in the Upper Valley, WNNE-TV (31, Hartford VT-Hanover
> NH).  Today I heard WKXL morning host Mike Murphy bemoaning the fact
> that WNNE-TV was just dropped from Concord's cable lineup.

Channel 31 is managed out of channel 5 (in North Pole^W^WPlattsburgh,
N.Y.).  Both stations are owned by Hearst-Argyle, having been picked
up when Heritage got bought out by News Corp and sold off its TV
group.  IIRC they went first to Sunrise and then to Hearst.

(So if we think again about the TV allocation arrangement in our
catchment area, there are channel 5s in Plattsburgh [WPTZ, NBC],
Pembroke [CHRO, Ind.], Quebec [CBVE-TV, CBC], Bangor [WABI, CBS],
Boston [WCVB, ABC], Syracuse [WTVH, CBS], Toronto [CBLT, CBC] and New
York [WNYW, Fox].  There is not a single full-power channel 5 in all
of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.  There is one in Virginia
and one in West Virginia; two in Ohio.)