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Salty Brine

        Maybe I just missed this in NERW or from someone else, but Salty
Brine is one of the 2000 nominees for the Radio Hall of Fame. The list is
on the Museum of Broadcast Communication in Chicago website. It's also the
hall of fame base.

        It's old news. It says the ballots were to be mailed in May. The
ceremony is in November. It doesn't say when they're announcing the
inductees. Also nominated is Connecticut resident Dick Bartley, for
pioneering syndicated national music shows, specifically the first live
national oldies show in 1982.

        I was checking out the website because we're off on a family road
trip to Chicago, antenna fully extended. I end up doing most of the driving
because we have a marital rule: Driver controls the car radio.
Relinguishing the wheel means no more trying to see how far from Chicago I
can pick up WLS, no more can I get the Red Sox on WTIC, no more checking
out the nearby college stations, no more catching the local graveyarders
doing the lost-pet report. Oh, no. It's hello to the local yokel FM
easy-lite--you-know-all-the-songs-47 yawn-inducing "hits" in a row station
with the semi-robot voice reading the cards. At least sometimes the
commercials are interesting :)