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Re: Leo Egan?

>Donna Halper wrote:
>Somebody mentioned to me that Leo Egan, former journalist for the old
>Record-American and former WBZ announcer, passed away.  I am on the road and
>didn't hear about it-- did any of you?

        I don't know about this news, but I recall that perhaps Leo Egan's
prime radio job was newscaster for WHDH radio when in the early '60s he got
celebrity-style billing as the reader for the 7:30 a.m. "Breakfast Extra"
15-minute news on the Jess Cain Show. For a long time, WHDH
counter-programmed with the main hourly 5 minute news on the half hour and
nothing, or 60-second headlines, or an added drive-time 5-minute news on
the hour. So the 7:30 was the big AM drive newscast. Also, he was on
channel 5 at some point back then, IIRC.