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Re: Turn AM DA's into tourist attractions

On Wed, 12 Jul 2000 Jibguy@aol.com wrote:

> Better yet.....  I had an idea to set up a new station in Maine, on the end 
> of a peninsula.  Of course, the local activists would object to the point of 
> it never becoming a reality.

AM or FM? If the latter, you're pretty much out of luck unless there is a
handy hill or mountain.

AM however offers a number of possibilities. For instance, there's an
outfit in Ontario called Valcom which makes helically wound antennas for
the AM broadcast band. They are only 74 feet tall, and WSHP (1450 kHz, 222
watts) in Shippensburg, PA, uses one. 

Just off Highway 1 in Capitola, CA, there was for many years -- I
understand it is dark now -- a 10 kW AM station in the middle of a golf
course feeding four flagpoles. These usually had flags flying from them
when I drove by. The signal was excellent, but then even 1 kW stations at
the high end of the band have great coverage out there.

Rob Landry