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Re: Changes at WBOQ?

As the person who started the WKOX/WESX rumor, I would not want to be
responsible for Clea Simon spending the summer and most of the fall at the
beach without pay--whether or not she chose to spend her time with Jeff
Jacoby. Moreover, I'd prefer not to have the rumor attributed to me in a
newspaper as widely read as the Globe. I figure that this mailing list is
fine for such "disclosures," especially when--as I did--the poster labels
them as pure speculation.


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Date: Monday, July 10, 2000 3:41 PM
Subject: Changes at WBOQ?

>WWW.RADIODIGEST.COM is reporting that Kendall Buhl,
>formerly of WESX-AM 1230 is joining the morning crew at
>WBOQ-FM 104.9 Gloucester before the end of the month.
>This is apparently the first step leading to a re-
>vamped format for WBOQ in at least morning drive.
>There will be less emphasis on music and more news and
>features.  There have been RUMORS on this site that
>WESX may be sold only to be taken off the air to
>allow a move of WKOX-AM 1200 closer to Boston.
>(Clea Simon...if you want to keep your job at the
>Glob don't pass this on!) If this were to happen,
>WBOQ could become a primary news and information
>station for the North Shore.  They'd better
>keep the Met, though...I can't get WHRB clearly
>in stereo!
>Laurence from Methuen
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