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Re: Radio and TV call signs (was WNAB)

On 9 Jul 2000,  Dan Strassberg wrote:

> I believe that WNBT and probably WCBW adopted different calls containing
> the -TV suffix as soon as the FCC stopped requiring TV stations to have
> calls that were distinct from those of co-owned and co-located radio
> stations (that is, when the FCC started to allow the use of the -TV
> suffix). I think it was CBS that lobbied the hardest for that rule change
> because of its situation on the West Coast.
That may have been the case for WCBW, but not for WNBT.  The FCC was 
allowing the -TV suffix at least by the time WBZ-TV and WNAC-TV started in 
Boston in 1948, and WNBT was still WNBT for quite some time after that.

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