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Re: Jeff Jacoby

Donna Halper wrote:
<<...I thought they said Jefff Jacoby of the Boston 
Globe was suspended for plagiarism.  Anybody know about that?>>


   you heard right.  apparently, he did a recent piece (July 3) on the fates 
of the signers of the Declaration of Independence (raise your hands if you 
deleted at least 20 versions of the same thing in past ten days... i received 
my first copy around June 25th or so.).
   the "facts" were apparently used without the proper attribution, ie: not 
citing previously published versions of each little tidbit. 
   The Globe has issued a four-month suspension and will further review the 
situation at that time. (during my two hour drive home to Maine this morning 
I had several opportunities to hear the story...)
   once again, we in cyberspace have unwillingly aided and abetted the 
propogation of information without attribution.  each time we find something 
interesting or funny, we do have a cyber-circle of friends with whom we share 
the knowledge or humor.
   this is a case of yet another journalist being brought to task for reading 
his e-mail. (Barnicle's column was almost verbatum of an e-mail variation of 
the George Carlin originals; he interspersed a few of his own"idle thoughts" 
amid some "idle Carlin thoughts".  i had, and still receive to this day, the 
same e-mail Mike no doubt got and used.  i've often wondered if Mike had 
offered to "share" some things he found funny in his e-mail box if he'd still 
be working two doors down at Morrissey Blvd.)
    whether or not Mr. Jacoby knew that there were "original published 
origins" of each fact included in the e-mail (and this is purely an 
assumption on my part), it appears the Globe would have prefered attritbution 
for each.

full story at the Boston Globe online:

- -Chuck Igo