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Re: Dreaded open mike on WMEX

The vast majority is probably live.  Except for stations like WXKS-AM where
we have to get it into their computer a few minutes early. There are a few
occasions where the same anchor person may have two stations on-air at the
same time.  For instance, today I had WPLM and WMEX both at 12 noon.  One of
them had to be taped a few minutes earlier.  More frequently, though, we are
given stations that DON'T  air simultaneously, so that when we get through
with one station (live), we move on to the next.  This morning, I had WPLM
on-the-hour and half-hour and WXRV at :18 after the hour.  I'm just doing
vacation-relief, but the girl who usually does the shift uses different
names for the different stations.


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From: <Sptseditor@aol.com>
> Ed, thanks for enlightening us on the situation. My question is this
> having you folks give away your house secrets): What percentage of Metro's
> programming is fed live, and is there any order of preference which you
> feed live to?
> -Sean