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Re: Dreaded open mike on WMEX


I fed them the 11:35 a few minutes early for tape (from Metro) so that I
could work on a couple of other stations I was feeding.

They did the same thing to me last week...during a "live" cast.   I kept
giving them cues like:
"...the WMEX weather now, with Marjorie Clapprood in the background....."
It wasn't easy reading the news with all of that going on the background.
Too bad...I think Alex has the best of intentions.

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Subject: Dreaded open mike on WMEX

> Did anyone catch the 11:35am newsbreak this morning on the Majorie
> Show?  Apparently her mike was left open during the newscast and
> break because while Ed Cocoran was doing the news you could hear Majorie
> the background talking to her guest and then to her producer. During the
> weather she came back closer to the mike and asked her producer "did you
> have a date over the weekend?"  He answered over the talkback loud &
> "I spent the night on the roof with the mayor's press secretary".  Majorie
> roared with laughter and suddenly the mike went dead.  So much for the old
> radio rule "Always treat a michrophone as being live".
> -g