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WBOT (COL Brockton MA) AKA Hot 97.7 has begun using live DJ's on the air,
though not yet in Morning Drive. Some female with a 'faddish' hip-hop name
does middays and one "Chuck-Dog" does afternoons. They had a "live" outdoors
show last Friday (6/23) at thier 90 Warren St Roxbury (Yes, WILD's studios).

I'm kind of surprised there's been no mention of this on this BB.

Interesting follow-up.....although I realize they (WBOT) got a decent winter
book (1.2) in Boston for a brand new under 50kw suburban outlet, if appears
they may not be getting quite the traction in Boston Proper they'd hoped.

The afternoon DJ was encouraging people to call...and lamented that all the
callers were from Brockton...he was wondering aloud where all the 'boys from
the Rox(bury) were?'

Where, indeed...

-Paul Hopfgarten
-'in the 'hood of Derry NH

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> Curious if anyone knows anything about WFAD (1490 Middlebury, VT) It
> looks like we'll be calling that area "home" in about a month.  I've
> heard a lot of local talk "Talk of Vermont" and they do a lot with their
> CBS affil. in terms of features, etc.  Talent sounds solid. Not sure
> about the local NX commitment. For a 1 kW D/N (I think), they footprint
> pretty well even to Burlington about 30 mi. N. Their ADI seems to be
> Addison Cty. pop. around 60K?
>  Bill O'Neill