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the Fine Arts Manifesto

and it was said unto them:

>The Rockoplis postings were nearly
if not actually primitive.  Jazz Central Station and 
Classical Insites postings were nearly works of 
literature with jokes, observations of a philosophical
nature, dissertations on aesthetics, Constitutional 
law and Chinese cuisine as I recall.  If one is in the
habit of LISTENING to real music, the chances are this
propensity to be aware of excellence carries over to
other areas and insinuates itself into other endeavors.

Laurence from Methuen

Me's is dumb 'cause I likez to Roxx (dude).

This guy kills me. I love it. Can't pay for entertainment this good.

It's occurred to me that our good buddy Laurence has a deficit of
attention in his life. Like so many these days, he finds that going on
the 'net and flaming e-lists gets him some much needed love, hate,
whatever... as long as it's attention.

Ignore the flames and they will die down.

But I gotta admit... these postings really are priceless! Like
Cheez-it's, I keep eating it even though I know it's not REAL food...

-Rick G.

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