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Re: Dave Maynard aircheck 11-03-1963

>Kevin Vahey wrote:
>A couple of weeks ago this aircheck surfaced on Reelradio..... it is the
>last hour of a Sunday countdown show that Dave Maynard did for years in the
>Since so little exists from that era it is a pleasure to hear again.

        Thanks for posting that. It was fun to hear, cigarette ads and all.
Only the songs are telescoped out. You get the "the most frequently
frequented frequency" jingle. There's a long promo voiced by Jefferson Kaye
on there. It's for a live concert of folk music, a promo event for the
weekly Hootenanny program of which he was the host. Along with Tom Rush and
others, there was an act going to perform known as the "WBZ Folk Trio."
Anyone know what/who that was?
        A couple things I noticed were: They still had a 15-minute newscast
(you get the last few seconds of Art Gardner) at noon on Sunday. The most
striking thing to me was the infrequency of doing the weather. From the end
of the news at 12:15 to 1 p.m., Mr. Maynard did the weather only once. It
was the bottom-hour feature (no news then). The forecast was extremely long
and "old-fashioned" sounding. Very scientifically worded, detailed and
precise, vs. a typical radio weather forecast today, especially on a music
station. It also gave different specifics for different areas more than you
usually hear now. It mentioned Maine, for example. It sounded like part of
the old-time idea with the clear-channel stations of news/information
content being based on the extended signal area, whereas now the focus is
much more on a smaller area where nearly all of the listeners are.