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Re: Dennis Miller joins MNF

Don Ohlmeyer said that the fact that Rush works 5 days a week on radio
worked against him in the end. Wasn't sure Rush could be prepared.

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> Dan Billings wrote:
> <<Dennis Miller?  Maybe the Rush Limbaugh idea was so weird after all.>>
> Dan,
>    i assume it was a typo (provided you meant to put an "n't" after
>  if not, Dennis or Rush, you've said it well.
>     Wonder if they'll have to have someone ready with the beep button?
> approach to topics, at times, do lend a whole new meaning to "colorful",
> as a "color commentator", the possibilities are endless.
>     but, iirc, the MNF ratings were pretty good when the booth was fairly
> well known for being "outspoken".  (rip, howard.)
> - -Chuck Igo