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Re: Maine low power FM applicants

On Wed, 21 Jun 2000 Dib9@aol.com wrote:

> Maybe low power FM wasn't such a good idea after all...

> ME    BNPL-20000530ABP  NEW  123618 STANDISH CITZ.EDU.ORG,INC.      Low Power 
> FM CP New Stn.
>             105.1 MHZ   STANDISH, ME    

> ME    BNPL-20000605AEZ  NEW  124197 ALL INCLUSIVE, INC.         Low Power FM 
> CP New Stn.
>             105.1 MHZ   PORTLAND, ME    
> ME    BNPL-20000605AFD  NEW  124208 VOICE OF FREEDOM            Low Power FM 
> CP New Stn.
>             105.1 MHZ   WESTBROOK, ME   
> ME    BNPL-20000605AGU  NEW  124314 CALVARY CHAPEL OF PORTLAND      Low Power 
> FM CP New Stn.
>             105.1 MHZ   WESTBROOK, ME   

Right there is exactly my biggest fear..... WTOS comes in fine now in
Portland....sometimes I can pick it up crystal clear all the way down in
Saco. I guess I can kiss that good bye! 

Don;t get me wrong, it has it's advantages......if anyone has ever read
pirate radio pioneer Allan Weiner's book "Access to the Airwaves" he
states that his biggest problem with the FCC is that you have to have a
lot of money to start a station, and if radio is public and for the
people, then it is wrong to only allow those who have a lot of dough to
have a station.

While I completely support Weiner's philosophy (Weiner owns WBCQ-SW in
Monticello, Maine) and THOUGHT that I completely supported the low power
FM ruling...... I can't support something that completely ruins listening
to a station that comes in crystal clear......

I'll bring up the point I talked about a couple of weeks ago......one of
my friends from NesCom, Jason, grew up in Patten, and remembers sometimes
being able to pick up WBLM after they got their 100kw signal in the late
80's. I remember hearing them clearly in Bangor back in those days, and
they advertised "Bangor to Boston" as their coverage area. WCRQ at 102.9
in Calais now interferes and cuts WBLM's signal drastically....It is rare
that you can pick up WBLM in Bangor now, sometimes on a clear night if the
conditions are right you can hear the red-eyed-rocker Ron Brown making his
way up north, but that is rare. It doesn;t help that there is a small
non-profit station also out of Bangor on the same frequency. And
Bo0ston? Forget it. I picked up WBLM in Worcester, MA once......which
suprised the hell outta me.

counting down the days till I remove 105.1 freom my car radio,
Jeremy Mixer