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Re: Tiger Woods or Severe Storms

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Had the same situation that occured last night in Tampa Bay taken place
near Providence, WJAR-10 might not have broken into the climax of the
U.S. Open Golf.

During severe weather, WJAR puts on the lower-left-hand-corner of the
screen a map of Rhode Island, Eastern Connecticut and Central and
Eastern Massachusetts (including the Cape and Islands, and up to the New
Hampshire border, which includes the entire over-the-air signal area of
the station) with different colors noting areas where severe
thunderstorm watches/warnings and tornado watches/warnings
have been issued. This map usually stays on the screen full-time during
weather emergencies, even during commercials.

Too bad someone on this list didn't think of this 24 hours ago and
suggested it to WFLA.

The only consolation for WFLA was that the outcome of the golf was not
in question. By contrast, the outcome of the "Heidi Bowl" in 1968 was
somewhat in doubt (it certainly wasn't impossible that Oakland could
come back, although it didn't seem likely when NBC cut away from the
game, either).

Does this mean NBC stands for "Never Broadcast to Completion"??

Joseph Gallant
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