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Re: Robert J Obsequies

On 15 Jun 2000,  David W. Harris wrote:

> Vermont Public Radio also has some space devoted to RJL memories at its
> site <http://www.vpr.net/robertj.html>, including the fact that most of the
> folks whose contributions put VPR on the air in the first place (in 1977)
> insisted that Morning Pro Musica be part of programming.  Things were a bit
> different by the time New Hampshire Public Radio debuted in 1981 (actually,
> it was Granite State Public Radio back then, known to all simply as WEVO). 
> New Hampshire was assaulted by RJL from all sides (except Québec) and there
> was a demand for something different (which ended up being Morning Edition
> until 9 a.m. followed by a locally hosted classical show).  Some charter
> members still wanted RJL on their station, though, and he was carried on
> weekends during the first couple years of WEVO.  Wednesday's All Things
> Considered segment about RJL was preempted on NHPR by a local feature.
In all of this, no one seems to remember his early appearances on WXHR.

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