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WMUR translator on Ch13

If I recall the translator was in downtown Manchester
(atop the Amoskeag Bank Bldg ???). If you lived east
or south of downtown, it appears the translator would
again not be in line with the antennas pointed at
Boston. But maybe I have my location wrong. Didn't
WMUR also put up a translator on chan 57 in
Manchesterin later years.

Also, along the lines of antenna pointing, Chan 11
WENH Durham NH was toying with the idea of moving
their transmitter from Saddleback Mtn (Deerfield ??)
to I believe either the old chan 50 site in Windham or
the current chan 50 site in Hudson. The reason giving
was the same as the reason for the WMUR translator,
antennas pointed south/south-east for Boston stations
did not pick up channel 11 cleanly.

Derry NH

> The reverse happened in New Hampshire many years
> ago.....in the days before
> cable, people pointed their antennas towards Boston
> which meant that most
> got an awful signal from Channel 9 which was west of
> the city.. ( in fact
> WMUR had a translator on Elm Street using Channel 13
> for many years because
> of this)

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