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Tele-Media oblivious to failure

I was just pondering over a figure regarding the most recent 
Albany-Schenectady-Troy ratings. The stations Tele-Media owns there (WABY, 
WKLI, and WCPT) all have fallen drastically since they took over operations 
last Spring. WKLI has gone from a 6 as WABY-FM to a 2 as WKLI. WABY checks 
in at the bottom of the list with a cheap news format. WCPT, being a 
rhythmic music-bashing (and in some terms implicitly racist) Modern AC that 
plays too many obscure artists, has barely seen much of a rise from the end 
of their days as "K-100". Yet Tele-Media seems oblivious to anything that 
goes on and insists that all is well.

Could Tele-Media not be good in rated markets? All I've heard about their 
clusters in New Hampshire and Massachusetts is good things, then how can the 
Albany cluster be so bad? Could this be similar to Greater Media/Boston and 

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