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"..If the creek don't rise..."

Bob Nelson wrote...
<<"we'll see you again
on the--where?---'biiiiiiiiiiiig Mattress'...if the
creek don't rise and the good Lord's willin'">

and of course, thanks to our friends at Three Mile Island...
"...and there ain't no meltdown, we'll get together again from six til ten 
right here on the Biiiiiiiiig Mattress."

from Rangoon to Upton, we'll all miss Charles.  at least we'll never, ever 
have to wonder what he's doing, as we all know when he's asked:  "What's Up, 
(for the edification of the Charles-deprived:  answer is "vomit")

- -Chuck Igo  (once had a cameo with Chuck n Ken, just post-Mattie)