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RE: NorthEast Radio Watch 6/2: What "Cooperation" Means

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> Subject: NorthEast Radio Watch 6/2: What "Cooperation" Means
> --------------------------NorthEast Radio Watch--------------------------
> Is Rochester the worst city in America when it comes to radio
> stations' Web presences?  We tried to check out the schedule of WWWG
> (1460) the other day, only to be told (at http://www.wwwg1460.com)
> that the date was "June 1, 100" and that the site was under
> reconstruction.  Even at that, it was better than the alleged site of
> WHAM (1180) (http://www.wham1180.com), which contains *no* actual
> information about WHAM programming or personalities, although several
> inside pages do carry "WTAM AM 1100" headings on them, straight from
> the Cleveland Clear Channel station whose site apparently provided the
> model for WHAM's.  (And in fairness to our Clear Channel friends, we
> do hear that the WHAM site is just a place-holder now for something
> much bigger to come...)

As of today (6/3), WHAM's web site is up and running full-blown...