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RE: Super Power FM

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> From:	Norm Rosen [SMTP:inorm99@earthlink.net]
> Sent:	Tuesday, May 30, 2000 12:30 AM
> To:	Mike Fitzpatrick
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> Subject:	Re: Super Power FM
> I'm pretty sure that the most powerful FM is WOOD somehere in South Dakota
> with
> an ERP of 245,000 watts.
> WRXL in Richmond is 140,000 watts.

	I find it interesting to learn of these superpower FMs... it causes
me to wonder this:
	Let's say that we take a given HAAT to be equal for a 100kw, 200kw
and the 365kw station, equal # of bays, etc...

	How much more service would one power level give over the other
power level in miles??    I know not to expect, say, twice the coverage out
of a 200kw vice a 100kw station. What I'm driving at here is that _line of
sight_ is a given for a particular height antenna mount.  Is this more of a
matter of giving a _higher intensity signal_ within that line of sight
area??  Or would that higher power signal still be useful past the line of

	If I ask enough questions and take notes, engineering school ought
to be a shade easier for me :-)    . 

	Ron Gitschier

> Mike Fitzpatrick wrote:
> > When I was down in Virginia this past weekend, According to Kodis's
> page,
> > WRVQ in Richmond, VA is 200,000 watts. My question is, is this the
> strongest
> > FM station, ERP wise, in the US?
> >
> > --MIKE