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Re: Super Power FM

I don't know, but at one point, there were a couple of FMs in Michigan with
fairly tall towers and ERPs of over 300 kW. There was also a station in
Houston TX (KQUE, if I recall correctly) that ran, I believe, 560 kW from a
very short tower not far from downtown Houston. The FM was co-owned with the
AM 1230 in Houston, KNUZ. I think the FM antenna was side-mounted on the AM
tower, which was of average height for a Class IV AM on 1230--in other
words, less than 200'. KNUZ/KQUE used to run ads in Broadcasting that showed
a picture of the tower. The FM antenna must have had very high gain (a lot
of bays, with the lowest maybe 60% of the way up the tower), so its
electrical center must have been at some ridiculously low HAAT, maybe 140'
HAAT. I don't know how far 560 kW carried from that short tower. Even in
those days, downtown Houston had _lots_ of tall buildings, and I have no
idea whether 560 kW could get through them and out the other side.


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>When I was down in Virginia this past weekend, According to Kodis's page,
>WRVQ in Richmond, VA is 200,000 watts. My question is, is this the
>FM station, ERP wise, in the US?