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Re: Pax TV News

--- Chris Beckwith <beckwith@ime.net> wrote:

> Will any other V's or U's in the Boston area take advantage of the new
> rules?  While I'm at it, pretty interesting calls for an LPTV not that far
> from WBZ, eh?
> Take care,
> Chris

Close enough considering where Pax Boston is headed...
A few months ago they were discussing about moving their
entire operation into the former Ground Round building next
to WBZ studios on Soldiers Field Road. I know that there was
lots of extensive renovation work to be done at that site but
I am not sure if the Pax got the deal done....

On a related note : The entire Pax-NBC alliance is slowly becoming
a PR nightmare. During Fall TV season presentation last week,
Bob Wright announced that the plan to rebroadcast of the Nightly News
on Pax-owned stations is "stalled"(ie, not going to happen)....NBC
will now try to rebroadcast the local 6 and 11 o'clock newscasts from
its 11 o+o's on the Pax-owned local stations. So far, Miami is the only
market where this is happening. The other 10, including NYC, are still
talking about it....

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