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Re: Five Years On... (was: 1060, 96.9...)

"Bill O'Neill" wrote
>Five years down the road, there will be paper-weights we call servers
>and jukeboxes jammin' the landfill, not the airwaves.  There'll be
>radio that is either so good it puts us all to shame or so vanilla
>that it competes with the digital audio channels in the cable box. 
>(Shame, anyone?)  Five years later, there'll be $200M personal service
>contracts for a half dozen Sterns hammering away at the top 100
>markets.  Imus will be in a well-deserved state of retirement with a
>watchful eye on his charitable projects.  Local jocks will swipe their
>time-cards after their 3 hours of voice tracking and spots then drive
>off to their non-radio gigs that they maintain so that their kids can
>show a health card to the nurse when they check in for medical
>treatment.  Five years from now, "local radio" will be even more of an
>oxymoron, doing even less to define "where we are."  Listeners will
>have evolved to rely even less upon the Fourth Estate, let alone know
>what it is.  But, heck, I'm am optimist.

Look out Mr. Gallant, "Bill The Prognosticator" is
nipping at your heels!

Roger Kirk