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Re: Pax TV News

<<On Thu, 18 May 2000 11:49:00 -0400, "Chris Beckwith" <beckwith@ime.net> said:

> Our Fearless Leader <wollman@khavrinen.lcs.mit.edu> wrote:
>> Viacom already has, with WBZ-TV and WSBK.

> I mean *besides* that one! :)

Well, everyone expects that NBC will eventually buy Pax outright.
What this will mean for affiliates like WHDH is unclear.  IIRC Sunbeam
has the NBC affiliation locked up for several more years.  (But keep
in mind that NBC owns WJAR in Providence and WVIT in New Britain, so
there's dupoply possibilities in both those markets, with channels 69
and 26, respectively.)