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A Gazette article suggested by Stephen Pickford

Hi boston-radio-interest,

Stephen Pickford stopped by The Montreal Gazette 
and suggested that you read a news article at the following address:


Your friend added this message....
When was the last time you saw a station GM attempting to put a PR spin on anticipated poor ratings BEFORE the book comes out...unless he anticipates that the pundits were correct and that all-news radio in Montreal is about as popular as country music...hmmm --- another format that was attempted and failed by Metromedia...and that the much bally-hooed shift to be the "WBZ of the North" was just hype, listeners deserting the frequency in droves.... Anyone got $10CAD to spend? That's what a 30-second spot will set you back at 940 these days.  Actually with those rates, it will be good for New England advertisers as tourism season comes upon us....can hear the ads already (in my head) for Salisbury Beach....

The Montreal Gazette