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religous translators in Vermont

Took a brief trip to Vermont yesterday; heard the new
smooth jazz at 96.7 and also picked up two religious
translators, at 89.1 and 90.5 in Burlington. Both
signals lasted for a few miles but were fairly strong
in Burlington itself; they were playing "Christian
Rock" and calling themselves "Radio A-One" or
something like that. A liner said "Hi, I'm calling
from (some city in) Tennessee and I love your
Also heard the same thing around 90.9 FM in Middlebury
or Vergennes.

So here were two spots on the dial that could have had
LOCAL stations, but instead it was translators from
far away (Idaho? California?). I could see the idea of
say, a station from another part of Vermont having a
translator there...but somehow the idea of a station
from WAY out of state is just plain wrong.

Also: Scott had reported in NERW about the station at
101.5 in Brandon, VT which is supposed to go on with a
rock format on Monday, I believe. They had a dead-air
signal at 101.5 as I passed through that area...
no stunt (at least not last night). Also, out of
habit, checked 96.5 as I passed through Rutland
and there was no sign of Radio Free Vermont.

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