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Re: The War Of The Local Morning TV News Shows

--- PublicRef2 <norwood@mln.lib.ma.us> wrote:
> Well, it's official. Today's (May 10th) Boston Herald announces that
> both Channels 25 and 56 will launch long-awaited 7 to 9 A.M. local
> morning news blocks to go head-to-head against the network mornng shows.

"WB56 Morning News" in Boston, just like "WB11 Morning News" in NYC,
will run from 6am to 8am, not from 7am to 9am. So it will only
compete against the network breakfast shows in during
the 7am-8am hour.

> Channel 56's will be the first to launch, premiering in June. Channel
> 25's will probably start in September.

Fox25 just bought a building adjacent to its Dedham
studios and there's lots of renovation/rebuilding work
still to be done before the new studio space(for the morning
show) is ready. I don't know if September is the
correct guess...

> I'm not surprised WLVI is starting a local morning news show, as sister
> station WPIX in New York is planning to do the same thing later this
> year.

They are both meant to launch "Morning Shows" on the
same day next month....WPIX is poaching local TV
news depts. in NYC to hire talent for the new morning
venture. WLVI here might follow the same route here...

> In New York, WNYW's "Good Day New York" is a strong number-two, lagging
> a little behind "Today", but well ahead of ABC and CBS in that time
> period.

Yes, it's behind "Today" but it's actually in 4th place, not
second. Ch.7(WABC)'s Eyewitness News won the 6am
race and ABC's Good Morning America was the breakfast show
of choice for New Yorkers during February sweeps.
Ch.2(WCBS) was second, followed by CH.4(WNBC) and
then distant WNYW(Ch.5) with "GMNY". Ch.7(WABC) is 
still the top dog in NYC as it swept every newscast(6am,
12pm,5pm,6pm,11pm) during February sweeps(no, Regis
doesn't anchor WABC news...:)

The only place where Tribune has done pretty well
with a local morning news show is Chicago(WGN) where
WGN is very competitive in a very crowded morning
news battle....


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